How to unlock android phone after too many pattern attempts, privacy is our need sometime you do not want any one see your personal SMS, Phonebook, Pics, Videos and more. To secure android you can set a password to protect personal details from others, but some stupid people are trying to unlock your android without your permission and guessing password once they enter 4-5 times wrong password Android get locked immediately. In this case you want to recover your android password or need help to reset. In this topic we teach you how to unlock android after too many pattern attempts.

There are 3 ways to unlock android pattern attempts. Let’s See How?

First keep in mind you may loose your apps and data using these unlocking tips, But don’t worry solution is in post how to unlock android without loosing data.

1. Recover using Google Account

First login to your Google account from pc, then visit this link or if this link is not working for you don’t worry, simple click your gmail id, goto Account settings, click “Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen” once you done following steps, final step “Authorizing applications & sites” in your personal settings-> security.

Now you can revoke access of Google account with Android. Once you complete, now you can enter new username or password on your locked android device,then set new password or pattern lock to gain access of your android device.

2. Most wanted android unlocking method

First you need to switch off your android phone or tablet, then Power on. Press power button with volume keys, you need to do fast 5-6 clicks per second. If you will not see android secret mode which means you are doing very slow. Once you inside in secret mode do factory rest

NOTE:- you will loose whole data sd card will untouched. But this is not my recommend method you can try this if other method not working for you.

3. Desktop Method

This is my favorite Android unlock method, in this method you will not loose your data. Sorry i will not give you link of the tool which i use to unlock android phone, click here to get the tool.

This tool allow you to reset your android device or format your device, so many useful features through them you can again access your android device without loss of data. Don’t worry i personally use this tool Okay let me share with you my story why i am writing this tutorial. My friend lost the android lock and he told me to recover my password, i take this challenge to unlock android without format android device. Simple i try so many method but none of works in that tablet, finally i decide to use this windows based tool to regain access of device. I face some problems to install the android driver, without android driver this tool will not work, so easy solution i found to get driver for all android device install OneClickRoot software. Once driver is installed successfully start the tool and follow the steps simple.

Loosing data is like human without heart just kidding, follow above steps to unlock android without hard reset or format. If you face problems with these methods ask anything about any of methods or you have any other method to do this work please share with us below.

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